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Cpp-46A/55A Electric Pizza Pan With Non-stick Coating Pan

Model No:CPP-46A/55A 
230V 1600W
With non-stick coating pan
With Half glass and half metal lid
With different temperature adjustment
With detachable temperature controller
Loading quantity:
46cm 764pcs/20'  1530pcs/40'  1794pcs/40'HQ
55cm 575pcs/20' 1152pcs/40' 1346pcs/40'HQ

Product Description

The CPP-46A/55A Electric Pizza Pan With Non-stick Coating is a great item to have for any kitchen. This pan features half glass, half metal lid with temperature controller and 3D temperature display. The CPP-46A/55A comes in 46cm or 55cm size and has 1500W or 1750W of power. Select the size that best fits your needs today and enjoy fast delivery!COPP-46A/55A is a specially designed electric pizza pan for hotel, restaurant and home. It adopts high quality aluminium + glass composite material, strong heat preservation and at the same time reduce the cost of electricity. It has 2 layers design with half glass lid and half metal lid, better protecting the baking temperature and easy to adjust the baking temperature according to different ovens. And it has digital display LCD screen which is easy to read and operate, so that you can get accurate baking temperature data immediately. The item comes with remote controller for convenient use.This CPP-46A/55A Electric Pizza Pan with Non-stick Coating is extremely versatile. With a half metal, glass lid and a temperature controller, this pan is ideal for cooking your favorite food items. The temperature can be adjusted from 100℃ to 550℃, so you can cook anything from frozen pizza to breads to meats. In addition, a glass cover lets you check on your food as it cooks!With non-stick coating pan, PPP pizza pan can be used for a variety of healthy and nutritious foods. Whether it is your home dining or a restaurant, you can use it for making pizzas, pancakes, crepes and so on as well. With detachable temperature controller and different temperature adjustment, the pan will meet different demands of different users.

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