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BDZ-5A 2.5L Capacity Electric Deep fryer

Model No:BDZ-5A
230V 1800W
With With cool-touch housing
With Detachable non-stick oil container
With Detachable top lid
With viewable window and filter on top cover
With Different temperature adjustment
With digital timer
Loading quantity:680pcs/20'      1360pcs/40'  1620pcs/40'HQ

Product Description

BDZ-5A is 2.5L Capacity electric deep fryer with cool-touch housing, detachable oil container and top lid, viewable window, different temperature adjustment and digital timer. Makes delicious French fries, chicken nuggets and more!This is a 2.5L capacity electric deep fryer, made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel, with an exclusive double air vent system to regulate the temperature. The temperature can easily be adjusted from 120°C to 180°Cwithin 5 seconds, without overheating the oil. This product has an automatic timer settings for 30 minutes at a time, allowing you to set the cooking time before you start cooking. The timer will automatically switch off when the pre-set time is up and it will not turn on again until the power button is pressed. Another revolutionary feature is that it has a viewing window where you can see how your food is frying while giving them more life and freshness. It has also been equipped with a filter inside and a detachable non stick oil container, so you won't need to worry about what happens to your fried foods left behind after use!Famous for its simple & durable design, this Deep Fryer is suitable for commercial use but also great to use in the home. The digital timer helps you get it right and not worry about timing the cooking process. Extra large capacity ensures high volume of frying; cool-touch housing ensures safety when filled with oil.This deep fryer is designed for home use, it can make you cook fried food with no smell and really delicious. The oil in this deep fryer adopts special material, won't get flat after using for a long time. Thanks to its compact structure and stylish appearance, this deep fryer can be placed anywhere.

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