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BDZ-29D Electric Deep fryer With non-detachable inner pot

Model No:BDZ-29D
220-240V 1650W
Without mechanical timer
With non-stick inner pot
With non-detachable inner pot
With plastic body, with S/S panel plate
With fold able frying basket
With different temperature adjustment
Loading quantity:1024pcs/20'    2048pcs/40'  2392pcs/40'HQ

Product Description

BDZ29D Electric Deep Fryer is made of stainless steel and plastic material. It is used to fry 2.2L big capacity food such as fish, chicken, pork, potato chips etc. The oil can be filled up to 1.3L and the temperature can be adjusted from 175°C to 210°C. This deep fryer has non-detachable inner pot , fold able frying basket and water level indicator with different temperature adjustment.Features: With non-stick inner pot features, high heat resistance and easy to clean. Non-detachable inner pot can avoid getting dirty with oil, high temperature performance, low temperature fast and safe cooking. With plastic body, with S/S panel plate the steel material is soft enough for the handle and the surface of the body is smooth which is good for polishing. With fold able frying basket makes it easy to take out or add food when deep frying. Multiple temperature adjustment provides convenience for users to adjust suitable temperature according to materials or quantity of food. Useful life:5 years.The BAZ-29D deep fryer is a South Korean product with 1.2 liter capacity and is made of high quality stainless steel. This 2.2 Liter Electric Deep Fryer features a non-detachable inner pot that ensures safety. This frying machine has a total of three layers; one for the heating element, another for the pot and then a lower part where you can put all your ingredients. This device has two temperature adjustments that allow you to choose between hot oil or cold oil deep frying, as well as four different cooking programs to give you complete control over your cooking experience. It also comes with a free foldable basket that slides perfectly into the S/S lid with ease so it will never get in your way while frying foods.Frying in a frying basket is fried food, the most crispy and delicious. With folding design, more compact structure, easy to use.

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