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Large capacity Dual use multifunctional air fryer oven

Model No:CKZ-1913A
Large capacity Dual use multifunctional air fryer oven 
Capacity:6L for basket ,6.35L for pot 
Product dims:318×416×346
Wide-screen electronic control of temperature and time.
The maximum setting time is 60 mins.
with detachable non-stick conating inner pot and basket .
Temperature control range: 80℃-200℃
With 7 different cooking menu .
LCD screen with indicator light.
Special selling point: the basket and the inner pot can be used separately, when the basket handle is removed, 
it can be directly installed on the inner pot go for the larger food.
Loading quantity:450PCS/20' , 900PCS/40', 1060PCS/40'HQ
CKZ-1913A Dual use multifunctional air fryer oven, with temperature control range 80℃-200℃, can be used as a regular frying pan or as a convection oven. It also has 7 cooking menu and it's a multifunction product that can replace your microwave and oven. The maximum setting time is 60 mins with detachable non-stick conating inner pot and basket.

Product Description

Unique design, large capacity to meet the needs of a family. Intelligent NTC temperature control, 7 menus. can alternate to use the basket and pot in the same machine. Can put the whole chicken inside to fry.LCD large screen touch. Take the pot power off memory function, midway can be reversed at any time, add ingredients, the pot back to restore the current program.
With a deep large capacity and detachable non-stick conating inner pot, this air fryer can cook delicately and perfectly. Capable of cooking the food at different temperature, it has 7 different cooking menu so that the device is highly flexible. The basket and inner pot are beautifully designed with LCD screen, indicator light and wide-screen electronic control of temperature and time which are more user friendly than traditional frying without oil.You've never seen anything like this before! This large capacity microwave oven can cook two different types of foods at the same time, while also saving you up to 70% energy. The inner pot has a capacity of 6L and the basket has a capacity of 6.35L, giving you enough room for any meal! The air fryer features 8 different preset cooking menus that can be controlled digitally. A quick press of a button will take you to the setting screen where you can use the up and down arrows on the screen to adjust temperature and time settings to your taste. Additionally, there are 7 different "special menu" options such as french fries and fish fillet that turn ordinary dishes into delicious, crispy meals! With this oven, spreading all your favorite foods before dinner without covering your table is as simple as pressing a few buttons on screen!This multifunctional air fryer is a big size,with large capacity, it can deal with all large food like steak and chicken wings. Also it can be used as a rice cooker and slow cooker, it can cook various food like fried food ,baked food,boiled food and steamed food.


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