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BDD-1609 350W brushed stainless steel design egg boiler

Model No:BDD-1609
230V 350W
elegant ,brushed stainless steel design,
Horizontal dial electronic timing, with power indicator lighth.
with on-off switch.
For 1-7 eggs,steam rack with pricker 
For 1-3 steamed eggs.
with non-stick coated water reservoir ,easy to clean.
precision electronic timer with addible"ready"signal.
with power cord storage function .
Loading quantity:2454pcs/20'   5058PCS/40'  5616PCS/40'HQ
This egg boiler features elegant, modern design and is made of stainless steel. You can steam egg up to 7 at the same time thanks to its convenient horizontal dial timer with power indicator light and steaming rack. The non-stick coated water reservoir makes it easy to clean after use. 

Product Description

It also includes a convenient power cord storage function that allows you to store the cord out of sight when not in use. Easy to operate, this egg boiler creates healthy, nutritious eggs without even breaking a sweat!This is a 350 W egg boiler, 230V, with electronic timer and power indicator lamp. This electric egg boiler also has a storage function for the cord. It also has a power cord storage function, which makes it easy to store the cord when not in use. With this egg boiler you can make steamed eggs with just one or two eggs up to seven.Steaming an egg is a healthy food preparation technique that adds an attractive presentation to your breakfast meal. The BDD-1609 Egg Steamer is one of the most versatile appliances in any kitchen. It can steam eggs, fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and other foods, creating steamed dishes perfect for lunch or dinner.The egg cooker is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and has a sleek, sophisticated design. It also comes with built-in storage and a power cord, which allows you to store it right up against the wall of your kitchen with no hassle. This portable steamer is easy to use and clean, and will boil up to seven eggs in just nine minutes!

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