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Established in 1985,Ningbo Fengya Electrical Applainces Co., Ltd. is a leading China Wholesale Deep Fryers Manufacturers and OEM Deep Fryers Factory. Our company can supply a large variety of products including rice cookers, griddles, skillets, refined stoves, pizza pans, egg boilers and deep fryers.With ISO9001, 3C, GS and CE certification, we enjoy convenient ransportation links and occupy an area of ​​33,000 square meters.Additionally, we also have a design center and subsidiary company in Shanghai, and pride ourselves in providing our customers with sincere service and the knowledge that they are doing business with a reputable and trustworthy company.
Industry Knowledge Development
Do you know Deep Fryer?
A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance that is used to heat oil at a high temperature so that food can be cooked quickly and evenly by being submerged in the hot oil. This type of cooking is known as deep-frying.Deep fryers come in a variety of sizes, from small countertop models that can fry a single serving of food to large, industrial-sized fryers that can fry multiple servings at once. They can be powered by electricity, gas, or propane, and typically include a basket or tray for holding the food while it is being fried, as well as a thermometer for monitoring the temperature of the oil.When using a deep fryer, it is important to use the appropriate type of oil, as well as to monitor the temperature of the oil to ensure that it stays within a safe range. Foods that are typically deep-fried include French fries, chicken, fish, and doughnuts, but you can use it to fry many other food items as well.Also, Remember to always be cautious when using deep fryers as the oil can be extremely hot and cause burns or fires if not handled properly.Deep fryer is used more and more frequency in our daily life.By using this product, we can get many delicious food like fried chicken or french fries. These different model deep fryers are made of stainless steel and plastic,with aluminum inner pot and cool-touch handle,which guarantee the safety of food cooked by the deep fryer.The capacity of these fryers including 1Lto 6L,so we can choose the product according to our needs.If we use it in household,we can choose 1L product,otherwise we can choose the bigger capacity product like 6L*6L,with two inner basket.These deep fryers have viewable window and filter on top cover,with detachable top lid and detachable non-stick oil container, adjusting different temperature in working process,which is very convenient for users.fryers come in square and round shapes, black and white colors,we can choose someone we like.These product of our factory all have been checked out.Also, our factory is ISO9001 registered and in line with international standards of CE,GS,ROHS and so on,so these fryers are of good quality.After sales, we have a one-year warranty service.Therefore,if you have the purchasing demand of deep fryers,please click the page and look through our fryers website,maybe you will get a deep fryer that meets your expectation.
Features of Deep Fryer.
Deep fryers are appliances that are used to deep fry food, such as French fries, chicken, and donuts. Here are some common features that you might find in a deep fryer.Oil Capacity: Most deep fryers have a reservoir for oil, and the capacity of this reservoir will vary depending on the model. Larger capacity fryers are better suited for commercial use, while smaller ones are more appropriate for home use.Temperature Control: A deep fryer should have a thermostat that allows you to set and maintain the desired frying temperature. Some models may also have a digital display that shows the current temperature.Safety Features: Many deep fryers have safety features such as overheat protection and non-slip feet to help prevent accidents. Some also have a lid to prevent splatters and keep the oil contained.Timer: Some deep fryers come with a timer that allows you to set a specific frying time for your food. This can be helpful when you are frying multiple batches of food and want to ensure that each batch is cooked for the same amount of time.Drain: A drainage system or a slotted scoop to remove excess oil, for easy cleaning and maintaining hygienic fryer.Basket: Deep fryers come with a basket or a similar mechanism which allow you to lower and lift food into and out of the oil. Some models have a hinged basket that allows you to close the lid, which helps keep the oil contained and reduces splatters.Power and Size: Deep fryers come in different power and size to suit different needs. Power ranges from home use models to commercial models, and sizes will vary based on the capacity of the fryer.Stainless Steel: Some models of deep fryers are made of stainless steel, which is known for being durable, easy to clean and rust-resistant.Filter: Some fryer models will come with filters to absorb unwanted odors and flavors that may linger in the oil, and keep the oil clean for longer use.Automatic Lid: Some models will have automatic lids that will open and close when the basket is lowered or raised. This helps prevent oil splatters and keep the oil in the fryer.