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Advantages of air fryer:

(1) Less oil is used. The air fryer can cook meat, seafood or frozen French fries in the supermarket, etc., and it can also make a taste similar to frying without oil. If it is non-fat food such as vegetables, add a teaspoon of oil.
(2) When the air fryer is cooking, it is not necessary to fry the food in the oil, put the food into the frying basket, adjust the temperature and time, and generally do not need to stay beside the machine. During the cooking process, the machine will bake out the grease of the food itself. 
(3) Most air fryers on the market do not need to be preheated, and can be directly put into food. Cooking can be basically completed within 30 minutes, and the heating efficiency is relatively high. If you switch to a larger capacity oven, the heat engine generally takes 30 minutes, and the entire cooking time will be longer. The air fryer is also smaller than the oven, making it easier to move.